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JewelPro 365 is a Jewellery ERP software solution build for Microsoft Dynamics 365 that helps manage the manufacturing process. JewelPro 365 integrates with Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain and Dynamics 365 Business Central solutions to help you manage all business processes.

JewelPro 365 is used to manage Jewellery Production & Inventory and Retail activities of the jewelers, and the overall efficiency of the production process. It allows to manage the workforce more efficiently and schedule the jobs based on certain priorities established with its clients, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and timely delivery rates

JewelPro 365 helps you to manage your business more efficiently, reduce the number of production and casting errors dramatically, keep better track of company and customer inventory, and improve our production process by alerting us of bottlenecks and signaling where you were losing significant amounts of time and money.

JewelPro 365 helps jewelry businesses improve profitability and productivity through inventory control, business transaction tracking, production planning, and more, designed to handle the technical and nontechnical processes in the jewelry & diamond manufacturing cycle right from raw material inputs to the final finished goods, simultaneously ensuring the high-quality requirements. JewelPro 365 integrates with a mobile app for Tablets that allows you to see real-time product catalog data, customer statements, and inventory status.

This solution can be customized to meet the exact needs of your business. Data will also be transferred seamlessly from your old system.

Be it diamond or gold ones, Jewellery is always in great demand. And in this demand-driven sector, Jewellery manufacturers face tremendous pressure to deliver high-quality products at right time, at the right place. They are in need of powerful Jewellery manufacturing management software solutions to meet up with specific requirements of the industry. They want highly extendable and adaptable business solutions being seamlessly integrated with customer relationships, project management, financial, supply chain, and sales as well as procurement matters.
In today’s demand-driven environment, manufacturers face increased pressure to deliver high-quality products at the right time, to the right place.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers powerful manufacturing management software solutions to meet the jewelry industry-specific needs. It is an extendable and adaptable business-ready solution seamlessly integrated with financial, customer relationships, sales & procurement, project management, and supply chain processes. Microsoft Dynamics™ 365 with the Jewellery add-on is the only enterprise solution tailored to your unique needs. By enabling the seamless flow of information between your departments, you can streamline the quote-to-cash cycle and respond to customers faster than ever before.

  • World-class  All-in-one Diamond & Jewellery Manufacturing & Retail Solution
  • Accumulated over 10 years of Jewellery domain knowledge
  • Accumulated over 2000 users’ experience
  • Accumulated over 5 success cases for jewellery manufacturing and retail segments.
  • Provides best of breed technology by No# 1 software enterprise – Microsoft.

JewelPro - Jewelry Manufacturing and Retail Solution for Dynamics 365

Combining in-depth industry experience with best practices of the industry, Routeget Technologies offers unique software solutions to the jewelry industry. The experienced and proficient Routeget team works to implement a solution that may automate the production process as well as the supply chain unit, streamlining the organization so that you may deliver additional value to your clients.

Routeget Technologies’ JewelPro based on MS Dynamics 365/2012 ERP solution, has witnessed tremendous success, and now it has introduced a new advanced ERP under its name ‘JewelPro’. Indeed, JewelPro, the one-of-a-kind software, is capable enough to serve the needs of jewelry businesses of all sizes. Starting from a jewelry retail enterprise, wholesale business, or jewelry manufacturing unit, every business manages its process with JewelPro vertical Addon.

Value for Investment
  • Reduce sales quotation response time from 2-3 days to 1 hour
  • Improve on-time shipment to over 96%
  • Reduce production lead time by 35% or more
  • Improve data transparency between departments, customers, and suppliers and eliminate waste due to error
  • Enhance efficiency by automating processes, eliminating manual reports, and allocating resources effectively
Cutting edge ERP solutions for jewellery manufacturing company include
  • Design of new product
  • Exact calculation of sales price
  • Purchase of stone as well as grading procedure
  • Check in or out of production materials between the operations
  • Handling of raw materials between operations
  • Handling loss as well as damage of materials
  • And a very specialized Jewellery Retail POS
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