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The food and beverage industry is defined by its growing complexity and the perpetual need to innovate new products in order to keep pace with consumer and major retailer demands. When we add to this the concerns over food safety and the introduction of new regulatory acts, the investment in technologies such as an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is not only a wise choice, but a necessary one.

DairyPro ERP system is a business process management software that allows a business to integrate all of the critical aspects of its operation by using a system of integrated applications to manage and automate functions related to operations, services and human resources.

DairyPro ERP

System Integration

The ability to integrate multiple systems for all the areas in your company is a very important feature. A single-source system allows you to locate all your business data — financial, production, inventory, compliance, etc. — into one integrated system that gives you access to all your information in real time. Business analysis is improved exponentially when data from every key area is available to you.

Process Manufacturing

This is a critical benefit to get right because it’s involved in completing so many production tasks. DairyPro performs tasks such as production control, quality analysis and distribution schedule. When this functionality operates efficiently, it saves time and money by maximizing workforce hours and ensuring accuracy. Important cost savings can be realized by gauging organizational productivity, identifying weaknesses and automating much of the supply chain. The efficiency of the production process is a number one priority for businesses, as it touches upon all of profitability

Quality Analysis

Quality is essential for customer satisfaction. DairyPro is capable of quality control in the management of allergens, colors, gluten free, kosher, etc., quality testing, inspections and testing plans.

Shelf-Life/Expiry Date Traceability

Knowing when a product needs to be moved or consumed by is an ongoing concern for food and beverage manufacturers. Software that has a built-in alert mechanism to advise managers when ingredients are nearing or past their expiration date is mandatory information.

Sales and Inventory Management

Sales and inventory management are an essential part of a food and beverage ERP system. inventory optimization is critical because ingredients (as noted) have a shelf-life. Recent studies confirm that over 50% of food and beverage companies make mistakes anticipating demand, either wasting stock or losing sales.

Your software system should come equipped with the ability to manage stock efficiently, avoiding both spoilage and shortage. This data is then linked to sales order data to provide managers with critical information about stock levels, stock location (if applicable) and replenishing stock to optimum levels. This function saves time and money by providing data accuracy and efficiency.

Recipe Control

Recipe control is a complex task which handles a lot of technical and descriptive information like formula, quantity, costing and historical information. Also, units of measurements within the data can differ and the software must be able to handle conversions, as well as version control and formulas to ensure product and process consistency

Regulatory Compliance & Reporting

Food and beverage manufacturers have some of the strictest regulations in place in order to achieve certain levels of certification. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has authority over more than 80% of the U.S. food supply. This statistic provides the evidence for the level of scrutiny and regulation that exists in this industry. In addition, it highlights the importance of having DairyPro solution that integrates and automates regulatory compliance.

Detailed tracking and tracing is very important to the food and beverage industry because of the importance of food safety. Much of the regulatory control requirements, as stated, can be automated. The DairyPro enables you to capture the how, when and where of every ingredient from the start of the process saves a lot of time and effort. This ability also helps isolate a problem quickly and precisely in the event of a product recall or routine audit inspections.

Financial Management

Having a fully integrated financial system ensures that costs and expenses are accurately recorded, ready to provide information on the bottom line. This is an important key to successful business management because it provides the ability to analyze your company information for informed decision-making from all areas of your business.

User Experience

DairyPro system for food and beverage, keep user experience high on your list of priorities. The system works best if it’s used properly and willingly. It should be easy to navigate so that users can quickly identify the key areas that relate to their job. Real-time DairyPro where data is updated instantaneously across the system is a big benefit to users as well. Dashboards and widgets play a big role as they display key information to users in an easy-to-understand graphic format.

Deployment Options

Study the deployment options available to you and consider carefully which option covers most, if not all, of your priorities. DairyPro is offered as cloud-based solutions as well as on-premise solutions are also available. On-premise solutions require servers within your business, while cloud-based systems are accessible online and housed by the ERP provider. Usually, vendors offer various subscription options based on your company’s unique needs and requirements.

Vendor Maintenance and Support

DairyPro maintenance and support is another major requirement for food and beverage companies. Having Routeget Technologies as your solution partner ensures that all the necessary technical and maintenance support will be provided to your company on a timely basis relieves many future technical concerns that you shouldn’t have to take on.

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