Digital Transformation Services

Digital Transformation

Companies across the globe are digitally transforming as they are challenged to improve business processes and develop new capabilities and business models.

In this economic reality where entire industries are disrupted, actionable intelligence is the new currency. Data and information have become core business assets, sources of revenue and critical enablers in the information age.

In order to reap the benefits of new technologies, the next stage in that information age and the digital transformation economy, organizations need to be ready for accelerating evolutions, higher business agility and the increasing role of all forms of data and information.

Most importantly, they need to be able to develop a digital transformation strategy and build bridges in several areas, which are related with information, data, processes, technologies, human aspects and much more.

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We’re Changing Realities Of Digital Transformation In Public Sector

Enabling businesses to reinvent the future with cutting-edge digital solutions and rapid innovation

The focus on digitisation of education, healthcare, and social care and protection services, including smarter use of well-proven assistive technologies, in this paper is referred to as “digital welfare”. Welfare Services’ has a broader scope than in many other countries, which focus primarily on education and healthcare services.

We create a lean and efficient government, combined with the requirements around embracing new responsibilities and improving citizen services online, means attention diverted to digital channels significantly increases.

The new digital environment offers opportunities for more collaborative and participatory relationships across stakeholders to actively shape political priorities, collaborate in the design of public services and participate in their delivery, with the public value chain highlighting changes to public sector boundaries.

We understand the importance of accelerating and enhancing digitisation of education to promote better skills and growth, which is reflected in the European Commission’s strategy for a digital single market (European Commission, 2016) as well as targeted research programs with reference to the Digital Agenda and collaboration frameworks, such as Open Education Europe.

We help Governments & Educational Institutions to support the digitisation of the public schools which can substantial potential for the use of digital technologies and digital learning resources in education. Digital learning resources, for example, can help free up teachers’ time, contribute to more differentiated teaching and increase students’ motivation.

We enable administrations and governments to establish information and communication technology (ICT) for providing government services, exchange of information, transactions, integration of previously existing services and information portals.
We gave several streams of e-Governance services:

e-Administration: The use of ICTs to modernize the state; the creation of data repositories for Management Information System (MIS) and computerization of records (land, health etc).
e-Services: The emphasis here is to bring the state closer to the citizens and we make it happen with provisioning of online services. e-Administration and e-Services together constitute what is largely termed as e-government.
e-Governance: We use IT to improve the ability of the government to address the needs of society, including the publishing of policy and program-related information to transact with citizens. It also extends beyond the provision of online services and covers the use of IT for strategic planning and reaching the development goals of the government.
e-Democracy: We also help to facilitate the ability of all sections of society to participate in the governance of the state. Emphasis is on bringing transparency, accountability, and participation of people. It includes online disclosures of policies, online grievance redressal, e-referendums etc.

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For those customers who are looking to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 from their previous version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV/AX/CRM, we make the transition a painless experience. Routeget ensures your customized features remain intact during the upgrade.

And as digital transformation by definition is holistic and requires integration and collaboration, a digital transformation strategy looks at building blocks and the bridges to connect them, as well as barriers and new bridges to overcome them.