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CRM transform marketing and customer service teams into top performers who are highly connected and collaborative so they can engage customers in meaningful ways. CRM helps reduce costs and increase profitability by organizing and automating business processes.
There are many advantages to your business with CRM system. Among countless other advantages, it provides Right information at Right Time, implementing CRM system can improve productivity, increase efficiencies, decrease costs and streamline processes.

Boost Sales

CRM helps streamline the business cycle and add consistency to business processes. It allows you to capture potential leads and further qualify them by the likelihood they will lead to an order. You can automate assignments to ensure that leads aren’t lost and customers receive prompt responses at each touchpoint.

Strengthen Marketing

CRM allows you to build, track, manage, and report marketing efforts. You can create targeted marketing campaigns for different customer types. You can also connect to several popular social media sites to listen to what is being said about your business, as well as strengthen branding and build relationships with customers.

Improve Customer Service

CRM enables a 360-degree customer view, with end-to-end case management capabilities, advanced analytics, and multi-channel service support. With remarkable features like these, your customer service professionals can deal with customers with the best precision and consistency.

Rapid route to success

Radius CRM is optimized specifically for small and medium business. Easy to use and quick to deploy in the cloud or on premise, it delivers a rapid return on investment so you see a positive impact on your business straight away.

Customer Relationship

  • Delivers important insight into customer information across multiple departments

  • Provides a single view of the customer for better customer relationship management, delivering real competitive advantage

  • Helps create and build a loyal customer base maximizing customer retention

  • Provides real-time access to vital information ensuring decisions can be based on a deep understanding of what is really happening in every area of your business

On-Premise CRM

  • Advanced customization and integration capabilities

  • Low total cost of ownership

  • Ideal for business with an in-house IT resources to manage their CRM solution

  • Keep control of your data on your own site

Cloud-based CRM

  • Get up-and-running immediately

  • Some, but not full, customization capabilities

  • Ideal for business with limited or no in-house IT skills or expertise

  • Don’t need servers to manage, databases to administer, or nightly backups to perform

Why Radius CRM

  • Ensures your sales, marketing and customer services resources are being used to maximum effect

  • Reduces your cost-of-sale

  • Reduces the cost of your marketing leads

  • Ensures you meet customer service level agreements

  • Minimizes administration costs

  • Reduces the potential for customer attrition

  • Empowers your staff to provide exceptional service to your customers

  • Boosts productivity and enables staff to accomplish more in their working day

Radius CRM Cloud Platform

Radius CRM is built on the premise of delivering rapid route to value achieved through a comprehensive out-of-the-box feature set combined with exceptional ease-of-use with easy configuration and deployment. Radius CRM offers rapid scalability & cost benefits of a public cloud combined with high levels of security through interlinked, dedicated server technology.


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