EduPro 2016 has a suite of selective modules specifically tailored to the requirements of education industry. EduPro 2016 is engineered and designed considering wide range of management functions within the university. With the use of EduPro 2016, staff can be more accountable as it helps to know the performance of each department in just few seconds. All departments within education industry (e.g. admission, administration, time table, examination, HR, finance etc.) can be synchronized and accessed. EduPro 2016 helps to assign the responsibilities to employee staff and can reduce time wastage and can speed up the administrative functions. Core functions like admissions, library management, transport management, students’ attendance in short entire range of university functions can be well performed by EduPro 2016.

Multiple College Management

Create and manage multiple colleges /institutes with complete detail.

Student Information System

  • Detailed student (current, formal, detained, alumni members) profile with photo and documents i.e. LC, mark sheets etc.
  • Student login details
  • Extracting entire information to different formats e.g. excel, pdf
  • Highly customizable & search driven report for a student information

Course Management

  • Create and manage courses being offered
  • Map courses to a degree and assign subjects to a course
  • Define syllabus, books and other information relevant to a course
  • Students enrolment to a course
  • Faculty Feedback
  • Manage assignments and assessment
  • Communication tools including chat, discussion board

Timetable Management

  • Create and manage timing schedule for faculty, classes and resources i.e. boardrooms, auditorium.
  • Automatic timetable generation for students.
  • Graphical representation of timetables.

HR & Payroll

  • Create and manage salary sheet with TDS, PPF and Tax information
  • Manage employees time sheet, attendance and leave
  • Manage visiting/temporary faculty and staff members
  • Manage employee performance review
  • Ability to link payroll information with accounting system
  • Ability to integrate biometric devices / smart cards for employee attendance

Certificates and Documents Management

  • Students and employees can upload various documents e.g. passport, pan card, license
  • Students and employees can request different certificates. e. g. referral certificate, experience certificate, graduation certificate
  • Print individual or bulk certificates/ documents directly on college stationery on pre-defined format
  • System can generate and /or email certain documents / certificate at the time of admission and graduation. The list of documents can be configured for the college for such cases.

Transport Management

  • List of routes along with stoppages applicable at a particular site.
  • List of vehicles along with the driver associated and route mapped for a date range.
  • Vehicle maintenance Report
  • List of students availing transport services for a site along with from date and to date
  • GPRS integration to produce reports on actual travel of the vehicle.

Dashboard / Role Centre

  • News, notifications and messages
  • Events Calendar
  • User specific graphical charts

Event Management

  • Create events and register attendees using on-site functionality
  • Graphical event calendars where attendees can easily find your upcoming events and sync them with their calendar.

Employee Information System

  • Entire employee (teaching / non – teaching) profile with photo and documents e. g. ID proof, driving license
  • Employee login details
  • Extracting information to different formats e. g. excel, pdf
  • Highly customizable & search driven report for an employee information

Fee Management

  • Create and manage fee types, frequency, late fees, waiver, concession, scholarship, installments. Generate individual student fee-card.
  • Manage student payments and receipts. Track cheques return from the bank
  • Generate reports pertaining to fees collections, late payments, special fees, cheques return, and student outstanding amount.
  • Payment related reminders and alert messages on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly bases for groups or individuals
  • Online payment forms for authorized banks to collect fees on behalf of institution
  • Real time updates of fees collected and payment status
  • Ability to link this module to your existing accounting system for seamless integration with your accounts department.

Attendance Management

  • Recording of student’s attendance for each course studied during tenure at college
  • Monthly attendance report and student wise attendance report
  • Ability to integrate smart card, camera and bio-metric devices for student attendance

Alumni Management

  • Create and maintain complete details of alumni with photo.
  • Real time communication with and among alumni via messages boards, SMS, emails.
  • Jobs/ vacancies can be posted by Alumni for the benefit of all the other Alumni or for the graduating batch on campus
  • Ability to search other profiles by different parameters such as first name, head name, company, graduation year etc.

Exam Management

  • Create and manage exam schedule
  • Book various facilities and resources for examination.
  • Email and / or SMS exam timetable with seating arrangements to students and parents.

Admission Management

  • Managing admission inquiries
  • Managing entrance exams and hurdles
  • Online applications forms
  • Introductory mail and SMS can be sent
  • Report on actual admissions, out of total applications

Hostel Management

  • Create and managing details about hostels within collages. Maintaining details about facilities and resources e.g. number of rooms, room type, warden, manager, etc.
  • Room check-in and check-out
  • Mess Management
  • Ability to link hostel management with student information system, attendance management and fees management module.
  • Reports generation for hostel occupancy and other related reports
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