The Routeget OEM Program is for partners who want to embed Routeget Portal technology into their products. Partners around the world use Routeget’s flexible platform to build their applications.

If you’re looking for a platform that can accelerate your product development, integrate multiple product lines and unify your user experience, then Routeget Portal is a great choice.

Unparalleled Data Visualization

Quick to Market

Flexibility of Doing Business

Ease of Use

Routeget OEM Development Platform

Routeget Portal is a leading enterprise portal platform designed for product development and features scalability, reliability and performance for the business needs of any enterprise. For developers, its flexible SDK allows customization of nearly every aspect of the platform.

Accelerated Product Development

Routeget Portal includes a broad set of capabilities. Embedding Routeget Portal technology together with your product helps you speed up development by shifting resources to areas that make your product uniquely valuable. Here is what is available:

  • Content & Document Management
  • Web Publishing and Shared Workspace
  • Social Collaboration
  • Identity Management
Product Integration and Unification

Routeget Portal is designed to integrate with both enterprise systems and web-based resources using common industry standards; Routeget Portal is capable of technically integrating with your existing products and unifying them into a single UX using modern web development technologies.

Developer Friendly

The Routeget platform is flexible and readily extensible. Routeget includes a mature Plugins SDK for customizing nearly every feature of Routeget Portal. Our OEM Partners are entitled to access Routeget Portal’s source code, thereby providing your developers full transparency to our software to diagnose issues and expedite custom development. When in need of help, you and your development team will also benefit from the collective expertise of an extensive Routeget community.

Routeget OEM Partner Program Benefits

Becoming a member of the Routeget OEM Partner Program provides access to Routeget’s technology, updates and legal benefits.

Special Terms

Routeget offers custom pricing models and flexible legal terms to partners whose products, when combined with Routeget’s technology, offer valuable access to new markets.

Global Support

Routeget maintains constant support around the globe. While Routeget’s OEM Partners typically provide support directly to their customers, Routeget stands ready to ensure your customers enjoy interruption-free access to your product.

Vision, Insight, and Partnership

As a Routeget OEM Partner, you’ll enjoy an insider’s view of our development roadmap and have the opportunity to participate in various industry-specific events and press releases.

Training and Education

As an OEM Partner, training is included in your first year. With training resources spread across the globe, partners of Routeget enjoy ongoing access to, and discounts for, Routeget training services.

Development & Architecture Assistance

Routeget is invested in your success and wants to support the development and launch of your product. We believe spending time with Routeget experts early in the development process can help your team avoid costly mistakes. With this in mind, our OEM partners have the option to engage with our consultants for Onsite Development and Architecture Review.

Becoming an OEM Partner

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