Retail and specialty grocery stores and food distribution businesses operate in environments of fast moving products and fast changing customer demands. To be successful, these businesses need to be agile – and not just once, but continuously.

How can these enterprises achieve cost-effective organizational agility?
To begin with, it requires effective financial management, powerful planning, and precise inventory management up and down the supply chain. Microsoft Dynamics AX provides a powerful platform for these critical business processes, along with revealing analytics for full visibility at all levels of the enterprise. It’s a cost-effective and integrated solution that minimizes your implementation efforts by easily plugging into your current IT infrastructure, including specialty point solutions, such as point-of-sale systems.

Arbela has extensive experience in serving this industry. Over time we have tailored Dynamics AX to fit the specific needs of Grocery Retail and Food Distribution businesses, which includes:

  • Multi-dimensional financial management architecture using data models, assuring the capture of all relevant financial information for products, entities, and categories
  • Advanced purchasing and replenishment functions, including bill-back capabilities, deals management, and forward purchasing
  • Demand planning
  • Multi-channel marketing and sales management support
  • Warehouse, store, and DSD vendor management
  • Upgraded store inventory management capabilities, including scan-based trading with vendors
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