Transparency and Justice  & Equality are amongst the most important Corporate Governance principles that, in order to be implemented, require release and publication of necessary information through proper, accurate and timely disclosure of all major matters and issues relating to the company. In this regard, the company shall disclose the following:

  1. Quarterly, biannual and annual financial results.
  2. Insiders’ abidance by prohibition periods restricting their trading in shares and securities of the company or any of its group companies as determined by concerned regulatory authorities.
  3. Information relating to Chairman and members of the Board of Directors and its committees and their academic and professional experiences.
  4. Whether any of the Chairman or members of the Board of Directors is a member in the Board of Directors or in the Senior Management or any of the committees of the Board of Directors of any other public shareholding company.
  5. Financial and commercial relations and law suits that negatively affect performing the duties and functions assigned to the members of the Board of Directors.
  6. Transactions and deals concluded by the company with related parties in the annual financial statements.
  7. Compliance of the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors, Senior Executive Management and all insiders and their spouses and minor children with disclosing their trading transactions in company shares.
  8. The Board of Directors shall name an official spokesperson of the company to give necessary statements, data and information.
  9. The Board of Directors shall ensure accuracy of company disclosures and its abidance by disclosure principles.