Routeget Technologies is a corporate citizen, with resources at its command and benefits which it derives from operating in society in general. It therefore owes a solemn duty to the less fortunate and under-privileged members of the same society.

Employees are encouraged to make their contribution by understanding the aspirations of the public around them and by endeavouring to evolve measures to remove indisputable social and developmental lacunae.

Naritva” is Routeget’s community initiative focused on certain key developmental issues faced by undeserved and underprivileged Women. It is a trust formed in the year 2012 that seeks to work for unprivileged and deprived women. Naritva is currently engaged in 6 projects across India. Through four of its health care projects in two states of India.

As an socially responsible employer Routeget Technologies believes in Gender Equality, whereas, we trust in Woman Empowerment, and especial preferences are given to female employees.