Why work with Routeget Technologies

Great people. Great values. Great opportunities. Great rewards. If these sound exciting to you, Routeget Technologies may be the right place for you.

Great people

We have approximately 3,000 employees in various professional, trades and field positions in more than a dozen countries. Such a diverse workforce helps ensure our company is benefiting from a wide range of backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. For you, this means exposure to a diversity of expertise and knowledge that can only come from a global workforce.
We work hard at attracting and retaining employees who will contribute positively to our culture. This includes:

  • Experienced people who share their know-how and mentor our next generation of leaders;
  • Ones new to the workforce or industry who are driven and want to learn;
  • Those in between who are looking to make a solid contribution while further developing themselves. Together, this gives you access to an international network of colleagues.

Great values

Our culture is rooted in our values safety; passion; results; respect; excellence; teamwork; and honest communication. Our values can be found wherever we operate, and they set us apart in professional excellence. We pay close attention to how we work and to providing employees with a great place to work.
We all play an active role in ensuring our workplace is safe for people, communities where we operate and the environment. It is our responsibility to treat our employees with respect. We are  considerate and respectful of individual cultures and beliefs. Working to let our people reach their full potential and creating a work environment where they can excel is important. We strive to build a working environment that is exciting and rewards achievements.

Great opportunities

RouteGet Technologies global people priority is development, and your ability to tap into the knowledge of colleagues around the world is a benefit of working with us. But so is the access to a range of learning and development activities that employees can participate in to broaden their skills and continuously improve. We provide you with opportunities – as well as the support and tools for development – that equip and empower you to build your career.

Great rewards

Working with us, you can expect to go further as part of a team that is driven by a passion for energy and a bias for results. Our rewards philosophy recognizes that company performance is largely a reflection of employees’ contributions, and our total rewards programs are designed to reward employees for their share in the company’s success.
We reward based on performance, achievement and embodiment of our values. Our rewards plans are designed to align employee performance with business success and increasing shareholder value. We also offer educational assistance programs, flexible health plans and a global employee and family assistance program.

When you work with us, you can take pride in doing your part to provide an essential service to Routeget Technologies while working for one of our province’s oldest and largest companies.