Adapt, pivot and persevere: Life Sciences in 2021

Life Sciences in 2021: Adapt, Pivot and Persevere

Being able to effectively collaborate and seamlessly share documentation, from discovery and regulatory approval to commercial production, provides an essential path to maximize efficiency during even the most turbulent of times. Now, forward-thinking organizations are taking important steps to further resilience and drive performance — elevating enterprise content management (ECM) to new heights. The goal is to thrive, not just survive in 2021.

The future of public services must be data-driven

The future of public services must be data-driven

Many global government organizations have recognized the role that data can play in making them more agile and giving them the tools to adjust services as required. The pandemic has accelerated the Indian Government’s existing approach to data innovation and has likely helped inform its new National Data Strategy, which intends to remove barriers and improve collaboration across the public sector.

Product Visualization for Jewellery eCommerce

How To Successfully Sell Jewelry Online + Drive More Sales For Your Business

Why Your Jewelry Business Should Sell Online Worth $2.7 million in 2018, the U.S. jewelry industry is strong. The online share of the accessories market reached an all-time high in 2018 at 22% in North America — and is expected to grow 11% by 2021. To top it off, global online jewelry sales are predicted…