Amit Gaurav, a 18-year veteran of the information technology industry, serves as executive vice president of the MENA and APAC for Routeget Technologies. He is responsible for the overall performance of the company’s operations in entire APAC, MENA and Indian subcontinent. In this role, Amit is responsible for the long-term strategic development and execution of the company’s global operations and engineering efforts. Among his key priorities is ensuring the alignment of core business functions, including corporate financials with global supply chain operations and delivering continuous improvement – Lean – across the operations and engineering functions. Other focus areas include establishing and maintaining the policies and initiatives related to Quality, Health and Safety. Amit Gaurav has a wealth of experience in business management, new business acquisition, and account management. His success and extensive experience in Enterprise solutions suite and business development management are power packed. A family man and a through-and-through Barcelona & CSK supporter. Amit enjoys nothing more than kicking back at the weekend to watch a game with his daughter.

Better patient outcomes happen when you look beyond EMRs

Some of the most promising opportunities in healthcare today come from using non-clinical data to improve patient engagement and outcomes. Looking beyond electronic medical records (EMRs) means we gain visibility into not just patients’ conditions, but their preferences, needs, challenges, and resources. With this visibility, healthcare companies can implement best practices, using artificial intelligence and machine learning to create empathy to enhance the patient experience and improve patient outcomes.

Adapt, pivot and persevere: Life Sciences in 2021

Life Sciences in 2021: Adapt, Pivot and Persevere

Being able to effectively collaborate and seamlessly share documentation, from discovery and regulatory approval to commercial production, provides an essential path to maximize efficiency during even the most turbulent of times. Now, forward-thinking organizations are taking important steps to further resilience and drive performance — elevating enterprise content management (ECM) to new heights. The goal is to thrive, not just survive in 2021.